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By Stephanie Schmidt on September 15, 2013
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After I receive that bright, shiny diploma, and I am no longer required to attend school, I plan on running away to join a circus. I am an amazing tightrope walker.

Just kidding. I have terrible balance and would fall as soon as I no longer had solid ground beneath my feet.

I hope that a similar demise will not befall me when I attempt my real post-secondary future.

Big decisions

The future is a scary thing to think about. I mean, you actually get to choose what to do with your life. I imagine that gets quite difficult after years of the safety and security that living at home and mandatory schooling has given us.

In order to ensure my personal success in the upcoming years, I have a handful of priorities to help me make my decision. I am currently applying to colleges and universities, mostly because none of my skills and talents are useful to the world without massive amounts of training and schooling.

However, deciding on a college is tricky business. There are a plethora of options to consider. How will an indecisive individual like me ever pin down the college which is best for me?

Honestly, I don’t know. How should I cope with this problem? Perhaps I shall create a checklist, the checklist of all checklists.

Let us begin.

My priorities

First and foremost, my college must have my chosen major, musical education. It should also have decent psychology and journalism programs, since those are possible double majors/minors and I wouldn’t want to switch schools just to switch, or add on to, my major. That would be entirely too much of a hassle.

Second, I require all four seasons. In order to be happy I must get the chance to experience blistering summers when I can jump into the freezing cold Lake Michigan to cool off. I need rainy springs, chilly winters, and crisp fall days that smell of burning leaves and pumpkins. I adore good ol’ Midwest weather.

Even though I don’t really want to admit this, a big priority is staying close to my boyfriend. I try to avoid looking like the girl that bases major life decisions on her significant other, even though I am that girl.

I want to spend the next stage in my life strengthening my relationship with my boyfriend, not taking part in a long-distance battle. Also, I want to stay somewhat close to home so I am not spending an extra couple hundred dollars every few months to visit my family and friends on holidays and other special occasions.

Those are pretty much my only priorities. Simple, right? Not at all.

Have you ever Googled how many post-secondary schools have a musical education program? Let me save you the trouble, not a lot.

Narrow it to just the Midwest and there’s even less. Then cut out all the stuffy, prestigious institutions that you cannot even be accepted into the program unless you are some sort of child prodigy, something that I definitely am not. I do not posses the funds to go the Northwestern or someplace similar. It just isn’t in the cards for me.

So, in short, my priorities for post-secondary schooling are as follows: education offerings, weather, money, and proximity to those who matter most to me, and I am willing to work my butt off in order to ensure the best possible college experience.

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