Reflecting on What's Important to Me-Jordan Harper

By Jordan Harper on September 02, 2013
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Life is full of difficult decisions, and this is never more evident than during senior year. I have faced so many choices already, and so many more are looming in the distance.

Colleges, jobs, money, the list goes on and on. But all of this has taught me some new ways to deal with decision-making, and it’s shown me what to look for when making choices.

All of these choices have led me to develop a personal philosophy that I put to use whenever confronting a decision. The three main points of my philosophy are: do what is best for the community, stay committed to excellence and, most importantly, stay dedicated to God. In my experience, there usually will only be one choice that goes in accord with all three of these points. 

The importance of priorities

These are my priorities. Anyone who doesn’t set up priorities cannot prosper; my experience is that good priorities can change lives in ways that nothing else can. Setting yourself up to help a greater good, in my opinion, is the greatest thing anyone can do, and there are very few instances when someone working for something bigger than themself fails.

In following my priorities, I am able to make sure that my actions line up with my goals. Creating and sticking to a strong set of guidelines in life is a great way to make sure that you “walk the talk.” I strongly suggest setting priorities to everyone who is facing any sort of decision, especially my fellow seniors.

Staying committed to God, community and excellence is not something that is easy to do. There are many times in which I have found there to be easier choices to make, and I could have enjoyed the benefit of taking the easy way out of commitment.

As tempting as this is to do at times, I remind myself that my end goal is put in jeopardy every time I decide to do something that contradicts one or more of my principles. This has meant that I have chosen to opt out of many things that others are willing to get caught up in because I know how badly I want to see myself at 30, looking back at my life and thinking “It was difficult, but I’m here now because of it.”  

Wants to make a difference

I am so passionate about making a difference in my community. I am not sure exactly what I want to do, or where I want to do it, but I want to do it.

This means that I have to put everything I have into everything I do, or else I haven’t done the best I can. Therefore, it is hard for me to make decisions because I spend so much time and effort thinking about the consequences, good and bad, and how the decision will affect me later on down the road.

Overall, I am going to become who I am going to become. The choices I make reflect my goals and the person I am but, more importantly, they reflect my priorities. By making sure that I make decisions based on my commitment to God, community and excellence, I can ensure that I am on the right track.

My advice to you is to think about where you are putting your commitment, dedication and priorities at. Do your priorities line up with your goal? Or with that end result that you have pictured in your head?

Try and put your effort into things that will live past today, and even your life. This is what allows us all to make the biggest difference we can while still growing personally into the people that we are meant to become.

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Jordan Harper

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