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By Kalsey Larson on March 04, 2014
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Be punctual

Showing up late to an interview or important function means the interview is over before it even started. Always leave yourself extra time in case you get lost or stuck in traffic.

Do your homework

“I went through a whole interview once and, when I was done, the young person asked all kinds of basic questions about our company. Not doing your background research is very unprofessional,” said Rick Anderson, director of gaming operations at Fortune Bay Casino in Minnesota.

Appearances matter

When you enter an interview, important event or meeting, remember that first impressions count. People will notice if a shirt is untucked, wrinkled or stained with last night’s spaghetti dinner. They’ll notice hair and nails as well, so practice good hygiene. During the interview, maintain eye contact, avoid slang and speak clearly.

Be grateful

Following an interview, send a thank-you note, which shows professionalism and makes you stand out against other candidates. Thank the interviewer for his or her time, state something positive you learned about the company and highlight a personal attribute. Mail it within 24 hours of the interview.

Practice “netiquette”

In this technologically advanced world, it’s crucial to practice proper “netiquette.” Remember to put a title in the subject line, always respond in a timely manner and do not forget that people notice grammar and spelling mistakes in e-mail, too.

“I had a really great interview with a young man and was excited to bring him in for a second interview,” Anderson said. “He responded to my e-mail, and there were a handful of obvious grammar errors. I can’t risk him sending an e-mail like that to a client or vendor, so I canceled the second interview with him.”

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