Rising junior has anxieties, but high hopes, too

By Paige Lewellyn on July 20, 2014
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Although for many people school is a dreadful occasion, I always seem to be more excited as the years pass. Yes, it is true that the summer brings on a relaxation and a happiness of sorts, but meeting goals and expanding my opportunities is even more attractive to me. 


The structure of the school day is a welcoming memory, and has been ever since I was a child. School was, and continues to be a place where I can grow; whether that be learning the cursive alphabet, or, in the case of this year, entering the International Baccalaureate program.


Goals include academics, a job, and time to write
Along with my many goals for this school year there is an obstacle to partner with it. In spite of its difficulty, I am feeling hopeful, absorbent, dedicated, and rather prepared to conquer this year. I have my goals set high, along with my priorities so I can accomplish enough to feel successful.


My first and possibly most difficult goal is the International Baccalaureate program, or IB. The program is the highest and most rigorous course of education that I could take and, as expected, it brings me the fear that the classes will be too difficult to handle and that I will lose my motivation. Even with the adversity of the courses I aim for a 3.7 GPA at the very least, and hope for a 4.0 or higher, which I can attain with weighted classes.


Alongside my goals for IB, I also hope to get a job and start a savings account. I am extremely worried that I will not have enough money for college. Hopefully, this worry will ease by the end of the school year, and I would prefer to either be a waitress, or be within the field of journalism or art, since I hope to major in these fields.


My final intention, perhaps the one I am most excited for, is to expand my writing abilities. With this ambition, my only fear would be to not have enough time. I am not afraid to “not be good enough” as a writer, because writing is a growing experience with no measure to really compare to; however, without enough time I feel that I cannot grow in school and that my stress will be overwhelming. Writing helps me release my anxieties and put my life into perspective.


What about life after high school?
Although I have many fears pertaining to my junior year, I am also anxious about the inevitable transfer to life after high school. I am not sure how well I will do in my own apartment or even in a dorm with some stranger. 


I have the normal worries, including “Will she like me?” “Will I be accepted?” or “Will I pass my classes?” But I feel that the hardest part of leaving home would be separating from my family and the people I’ve spent years creating friendships with.


Despite the impediments ahead of me, I am certain that this year will be a success. I have confidence that I can meet all of my goals, and prove my worries wrong, as I have done before. I am looking forward to my future with hopes intact and fears forgotten.

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Paige Lewellyn

Paige Lewellyn

Case High School, Racine, Wis.
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