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By Nina Youkhanis on September 15, 2013
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As the school year continues and college application deadlines approach, making a final decision can be quite overwhelming. Some students may choose to defer a year or join the military; I, on the other hand, have chosen to continue on to college.

Everyone has their ideal college in mind, but in reality, trying to find it can be difficult. Choosing three of my most important priorities has helped me narrow down my search.

Time for a change

Location, location, location. I have lived in Illinois all of my life -- yes it’s a great state and yes I love living in the city -- but it’s time for a change. Whichever university I chose has to be near a city; I don’t want to drive an hour just to visit downtown.

Unlike people who do not like change, I thrive on it. Although I’m not totally opposed to attending a university in Illinois or the Midwest, I would rather experience university life on the West Coast.

Attending a university there is ideal for me, but it does have its challenges. Students who stay near home have the ability to drive back for a quick visit on the weekends. Living on the West Coast would mean buying a plane ticket whenever I wanted to visit home, and let’s be honest, plane tickets for a college freshman aren’t cheap.

As the oldest child, my parents will want me to visit home often and expect me to run to them with any problems I may encounter. But living so far from home can help me learn to deal with my own problems and survive in the “real world.” As for the holidays, I know I will be able to get a job to buy the ticket back home.

Interested in medicine

I already know what I want to major in, and it is important that the university I choose has my major.

I want to go into medicine, so the first thing I look for in a college is a core science and biology program for pre-med. If I do decide to change my major, I look for minors or other majors that I know I may be interested in.

The university I choose must have a significant amount of pre-med students who get into medical school; this shows me that the program will work for me.

As a senior I have really come to realize how involved I am, which is why I look for student organizations in prospective universities. I have always wanted to rush a sorority and become a member, so I’m seeking out schools with a Greek system.

It’s a definite disappointment to hear that although many schools have a Greek system, there is no housing. My goal is to attend a university that has the feeling of a traditional college. I want to walk around a big campus and stroll up and down Greek row.

I want to attend a university that allows me to express myself, and student organizations do just that. I’m also looking for special programs, like study abroad.

I have always heard magnificent stories of people who have been a part of this program, and I have wanted to be a part of it ever since. Studying abroad will expose me to a variety of cultures and teach me valuable lessons that cannot be learned without travel.

My priorities may not the same as some other seniors, but they will help me find the perfect university for me.

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