Setting Priorities for College Choice is a Project

By Cheyenne Schoen on June 26, 2013
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DeSales High School
Walla Walla, Wash.

I remember walking in for the first day of classes at my high school, one of the typical “lost” freshmen. After four years, though, I have definitely found my niche here among classmates, teammates, friends, teachers and counselors. I have established countless connections with so many great people, and taking off for college will be tough.

But I’m not looking at college so much as an end, rather a beginning. College is the next chapter in my life, which I am extremely excited for. Getting there, however, has been my most recent project. So far, my senior year has been one full of questions that I feel will take years to answer, like, “Where are you going to college? What are you going to study? What do you want to do as a profession? Will
you attend graduate school?”

All these questions are daunting because I honestly don’t know! I have so many options, and the sea of possibilities seems enough to drown me. It is a diffi cult idea to grasp, trying to pick what I will do for the rest of my life.

Three most important things
Many factors will determine what I do with my life after high school. The most important is deciding whether I would like to attend a public or a private college; each has their perks, and where one person feels at home, another may feel completely uncomfortable.

A major component to the college search includes visiting schools I have an interest in. I have to experience the atmosphere of the college before I make my pick. It’s a place I’ll be for four or more years, so I might as well enjoy it there!

Another important deciding factor includes the decision of whether or not to play sports at the collegiate level; Being a student athlete takes considerable time-management skills. It truly is a balancing act.

The third and final most important factor in choosing a college is affordability, and whether that college has scholarships available for me. Each college has different financial aid packages, scholarships, grants, loans, and jobs available to their students, and intensive research and applications are necessary to receive the kind of support that my family needs.

With priorities set, college search is simpler These priorities affect my decisions greatly; however, setting priorities has defi nitely made the college search a ton easier. With over 4,000 colleges in the U.S., narrowing those options presents a great challenge. First I defined what it was that I wanted from my college education, and then I decided to play collegiate sports, and I will also consider the location relative to home.

I have yet to find the “picture perfect” college. I’m going to have to sacrifice some things, but it’s a sacrifi ce that I believe will pay off in the end.

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