Striving for my Dream

By Jeeyun Kim on September 07, 2013
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Some say there are two types of individuals: one who follows time and one who leads time.

I hope, just hope, to become someone who leads time. I want to set goals for this upcoming year, so that I may be able to look back onto the year and tell myself that I have accomplished the littlest and greatest things that have impacted my life in extraordinary ways.

Not only is it important for a typical high school student to plan for college by stuffing themselves with loads of college scholarships, deadlines and admission statistics, but it is even more important to make time to think about your bigger goals and what you want college to lead to.

So much to do

I have so many different things I want to do, so many things to expect, and so many other unknown lists to accomplish in the upcoming year. As I sit in my room, I ponder my mind lists of different activities, “to-do’s” and goals that I hope to obtain within one year.

Of course I recognize the inevitable academic goals I must set for myself as a junior in high school. The SAT IIs, the SAT, grades, and so many other academic responsibilities frighten me.

“Why?” some may ask. “Why shouldn’t I be?” I will answer sarcastically. It is evidently and most unfortunately valid that in today’s society in which we live students are rigorously preparing for college.

However, as I write this entry, I realize the greater fear which all students should be aware of. This fear is that I may lose “me” as an individual. In other words, I am scared that, amongst the piles of homework, extracurricular activities and other college requirements, I may lose my dream and purpose to work towards my goal.

Greater goal

I mainly hope alongside of academics, I will be able to attain my dream. This definitely sounds cheesy and “over-done;” however, I find it really important that I keep myself on track and repeatedly remind myself that I have a reason to be doing all of the homework and college preparatory work--not to get the “A” in the class or to fill my college application with a list of activities, but to strive towards my greater goal to become a contributor to society.

I want to slowly build on a strong foundation for my transition to life after college. There, indeed, will be difficulties which I will have to overcome, but I know that if I work I can become that someone who will look back on the year and be proud of what I have done.

There will be times where limitations may block the road, but effort is what breaks those barriers. I can honestly say that I hope this upcoming year will serve to be the year I shall change myself into someone with a potential I have yet to know.

I count on my effort to work hard this upcoming year, not only as a student heading towards what lays ahead, but as an individual striving for her dream.

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