The College Experience is Completely Worth It

By Jordan Sweigart on September 15, 2013
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During my high school years, and even before my parents told me, I always knew I was going to attend college.

Now that I have been settled on a college campus for a month, I can honestly say it was one of the greatest choices I have ever made, and most likely will ever make. For the time being, my decision to go to college has been everything I dreamed it would be plus some added bonuses.

Lessons inside and outside the classroom 

My decision was based on the old fashioned pros and cons list. I created a list for each college I was accepted at, and chose the college with the most opportunities at my disposal.

At the time, I had become focused strictly on what my money situation would be like after college. My gut reaction was to pick the school with the greatest chance of earning that big first paycheck.

Now that I have spent some time at school, I have realized that is not what college is all about. Getting a job after college surely is important, but college itself teaches so much more valuable information outside of the classroom that I do not believe I would have found anywhere else.

For starters, college is a controlled environment. Students think that when they move away (if they do), they are away from their parents, and can do whatever they choose.

In fact, most college campuses have police units that will arrest out of hand students. Campus police teach students how to obey the law and become strong citizens as a result.

New freedoms 

Living away from parents does provide students with plenty of freedoms though. Students have to control these freedoms by developing strong time management skills, eating habits, and hygiene practices. By doing these things, a student is molded into a stronger citizen.

I have found during my brief month at school that college is turning me into a fully functional adult. College forces a student to become fully independent, and I have been able to handle it so far.

I feel if I had chosen to do anything else than college, I would not be learning the same tools for life as I am now. Even simple chores such as washing clothing, cleaning my room, and doing my homework are magnified now that I do not have my parents to hark on me about getting everything done. In essence, I love college because it is preparing me for my future.

The right choice 

I think it is a safe bet to say I am in the right place for me. My schedule is full every week, but I still have time to enjoy myself with the new friends I made.

Looking at college from a financial standpoint can be very daunting. The risk is worth the reward. Attending college opens up numerous doors, and it allows students to earn an infinite number of possibilities. Not just anything either, but valuable information they can use the rest of their life such as educational, mental, and social skills.

I have sharpened these skills so far while at college through hard work and effective time management, and I think being in the college environment is the reason.

College is an experience unlike any other and is completely worth the hefty price tag. I have learned so much in the first month that I know I will use the rest of my life.

I can honestly say that all of the hard work I put into applications was well worth it.

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Jordan Sweigart

Jordan Sweigart

Worcester College, University of Oxford, England
Hometown: Reading, PA

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