The Step After Rough Drafts: College

By Alyssa McComb on September 15, 2013
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After high school, I intend to seek out as much knowledge as possible, while mastering the journalism career. My top priorities are developing the skills and knowledge to help me advance in the journalism field, becoming as worldly-minded as possible, and being in an environment that allows me to grow through advancing opportunities.

College is the place for me

College fulfills all my top priorities. Because my first and foremost passion is journalism, it is important I find a place that can educate me in journalistic skills.

College provides majors and programs just for aspiring journalists and gives many chances to learn the techniques and standards for most journalism careers.

A wide range of classes are available for college students to gain knowledge on a variety of subjects. Courses such as psychology, sociology, world religions, and global studies will provide me the tools to become a globally-minded person.

It is important for any writer to be aware of his/her surroundings and have a broad view on the world. Educating myself globally will help me understand a vast collection of concepts and subjects to produce better articles or publications.

In order to be a good journalist, experience, people skills, and leadership potential are extremely important. That’s why a priority of mine after high school is being in a environment that allows me to grow. A college atmosphere provides ample chances to be a part of clubs, programs and internships that will help me develop crucial skills.

I must gain as much experience in diverse media environments to prepare for my future work environment. Also, writing with various publications, writing styles, and groups of people will broaden my outlook and experience.

Groups, programs and clubs will help my focus on developing good people skills, which are important due to the time I will spend contacting people for research or interviews. Being involved and then gaining leadership positions in these college programs will provide me leadership skills to establish a higher position in my work after I graduate.

Won’t be a picnic

Getting into college isn’t a picnic, however. All the sought-after opportunities come once the excruciating application and approval process is completed.

Piles of information packets, essays, and envelopes will be no doubt flooding my room, but it’s all worth it. The chance to become what I’ve dreamt of -- a successful journalist and editorial writer -- will soon be at my fingertips if I survive the application process.

Because the dream to attend a college is not uncommon among high school students, there will be heavy competition for a spot in any choice school. Stress of due dates and the pressure I put on myself will of course be hard to handle all while still attempting to juggle my various current responsibilities including my college-course classes.

With any goal, there are obstacles, and only you can overcome them. Essays reflecting on high school glory days aren’t too bad, or hard. And although the application process may take some time, in the long run, college has everything any knowledge-thirsting minor could ever dream of.

With determination and smarts, I can realistically fulfill my dreams and meet my priorities in a snap. Time to turn in the rough draft, and start on the final chapter: College.

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Alyssa McComb

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