The Year Ahead: Very Excited - and Only a Little Anxious

By Elisha Brown on July 21, 2014
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In a matter of weeks, I will be entering my final year of high school. Just a couple of years ago, it seemed like the time for me to graduate would not get here soon enough. Now reality has hit me about the upcoming year, particularly the start of the inevitable college search.

I am slightly anxious about looking for a school, but overall I am excited about taking on a new path. By the end of 2012, I plan on applying to a few colleges that I feel confident about and that include my ideal environment and major, journalism or mass communications. I hope to visit at least one of the schools I apply to and preview college life. My dream campus is middle-sized and in a town with cultural and recreational activities that will never bore me. It would be a drastic change from my small high school.

College crunch
Test scores are a main part of the admissions process, unfortunately! My goal is to increase my SAT score by at least 50 points. I am not the best at the mathematics section, so I have made improving those skills a focus.

College essays have been another concern of mine. These leave a lasting impression on colleges, however, having to impress people using a couple of pages freaks me out! (When it comes down to it, I believe I will be able to get my voice across to the schools I apply to.)

Another issue is the cost of college. Although my parents set up a college account for me, I still worry. Thankfully, there are scholarship opportunities. I plan on applying for merit-based scholarships as long as I keep up my grades. I have been job hunting to save up extra cash for college and senior expenses. I have not had luck this summer, but I will commit more to looking.

Looking forward to senior perks, and beyond
The 12th grade should fly by smoothly. I have a few classes, like Calculus and AP English, that intimidate me slightly, but I am up for a challenge. I am most looking forward to is Journalism/ Yearbook, because it involves what I want to pursue after college. The senior privileges at Cheraw High will be a bonus. I am excited to get early dismissal and to eat off-campus.

The journey to post-high school life has slowly begun. I still have momentary doubts about what I want to do with my life and if I am ready to leave home, but they are brushed aside when I think about what I want to succeed at and the dreams I want to accomplish. I am ready to see where life takes me.

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