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By Sharayah Le Leux on September 18, 2013
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Now that I have been out of high school for over a year, I have come to realize that those four years would have been so much easier if I already knew what I do now. Had there been someone to tell me what not to do and what to do, it would have been really helpful that first day of freshman year. However, no matter how much you prepare yourself, there are always those instances when you think it really could not get any worse, right before it does.

Education is the key to your future success. As that is true, never fall into the trap of thinking that high school is a big waste of time. Your teachers try to equip you with the best possible means of molding your future into what suits you best. Whether you discover the cure for cancer or end up to be the next Bill Gates, your teachers are there because they want to be, not because they have to be. Though there will be occasions where you just do not want to listen to what they have to say, you really should take it all in as it comes to you. For once that diploma reaches your hands, your teachers will no longer be there to push you along.

It’s in your best interest, then, to view high school as a useful tool to help you prepare for college. Once college hits, you may be all alone. Whether you travel near or far for school, it is like starting all over again. You will need to adjust to the new swing of things and do your best not to fall under. You can prepare for these changes now, though, by building solid study habits. Taking notes, keeping a day planner, and having an accountability partner (someone who can help keep you motivated and vice-versa) are all good habits to help you avoid falling behind. Once they’re in place, you can take them to college with you. They might get you through those rough early transition months, at least when it comes to maintaining your grades.

What else should you do now as a high school student to help prepare yourself? Take classes that challenge you. The easy classes may be a piece of cake now, but what happens when you want to be an architect? It is not about drawing buildings and making them look pretty. Many calculations and much expertise go into keeping that house standing, you know. But if you goofed off in Algebra 2, how do you expect to pass Trigonometry? Yes, some classes can be dull. I know. It is in your future’s best interest, though, to do the best you possibly can to pass them. Another thing you can do now is take a diverse arrangement of classes. This can open you to a world of possibilities, which may come in handy when it comes to choosing where you want to study or end up after high school. You’ll have a leg up on deciding what it is you enjoy and would like to do for the rest of your life.

Also, take advantage of your school’s extracurricular activities and Advanced Placement classes. Such will both keep your life busy and make your college applications look more attractive to potential schools. Though not every college or university you apply to will accept you, you should make sure to give them something to think about with a list of activities and challenging classes that shows you care about your education. Showing a college how determined you are to achieve your goals will increase your chances of getting accepted.

My high school years were rather enjoyable, as I was able to strike the perfect balance between academics and fun. I worked hard to keep my grades up and still keep a social life going outside of my books. There are a few things that I wish I could have been a part of, but that is now in the past and there is nothing I can really do about it. However, you still have the chance to make your high school years the best possible to benefit your future. What will you be doing after you graduate?

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