Three E’s Essential in Picking Post-high School Path

By Jeeyun Kim on June 26, 2013
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Paving a clear and strong road for the path I’m headed to, my passion will always lead my decisions.

With a developing vision of my own for the world and a substantially larger respect for the eclectic community around me, the next order of action would be to put thoughts and words into action: How can I apply what I have learned through this exposure to better the community?

I will take classes at the university I feel best meets my interests, and with what I learn from these classes I will contribute to the community. Thus, I will have begun the process of expanding my community through collaboration on the college campus. When deciding where to matriculate, I will consider student organizations and campus events offered.

Finding my core
Having been exposed to a larger world and having been active in the fields of my interest, I will now have to establish the core of my life. Since I have yet to experience any of the three E’s, it is impossible for me to say what exactly my core will be. Through the knowledge I gain in my post-high school life, whether on campus or in another country, I will be able to find what most interests me.

These three E’s are much more than just things most important to me. They define who I am as a high school senior, prospective college student, and community contributor. They will guide me in all the decisions I will make today, tomorrow, and for many years to come – always being the three pillars of my future.


Chris Garling, Pa.

Maria Maldonado, Cal.

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