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By Marisa Berti on August 28, 2013
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It’s that time of year again: back to school. Many students look forward eagerly to the new school year, while other students dread it. Well the Student Paths community has good news for you: We are here to help you try to make the very best out of this next school year.


You may be thinking to yourself, “How are a group of unfamiliar students going to help me without even knowing who I am?” The answer is simple: Each and every one of us is diverse in our own way. We came from different high schools and currently attend different colleges and even work in different professions. Therefore, everyone has a different story to tell and we are open to sharing our stories with you.


Expose and observe
As a high school student, you should approach the upcoming school year with an open mind. In other words, you should expose yourself to many different clubs and organizations, finding ones that really interest you. This technique can also be applied in the classroom by taking classes that you find interesting and enjoyable. By using this technique, you are actually preparing for life after high school without even realizing it.


Now you may be asking yourself, “How am I preparing myself for the future when I’m only a teenager?” The answer to this question is that it simply begins with doing what you love. It’s those special and memorable moments you experience as a teenager that make up where you see yourself in the future.


For example, let’s suppose you’re very athletic and your teachers are always commenting on how you’re very creative in terms of completing projects and group work. Realizing you possess two very distinctive qualities, being athletic and creative, you decide that after completing high school, you want to attend college and become a gym teacher. As a gym teacher, you can revolve yourself around different physical activities and use your creative mind to plan those activities for your students. You can make a career and, therefore, a future for yourself by simply observing what your interests, abilities, and talents are.


Learn from my mistake
It’s common for high school students to make a few mistakes along the way, and I’m here to share one of my high school mistakes with you, so you can learn from it. The most significant mistake I made in high school was that I committed to joining too many clubs and sports teams. I enjoyed being actively involved in high school. However, I was not aware that balancing my academics, sports, and extracurricular activities could be difficult when I had so many to juggle at once. 


My senior year was the most difficult because not only was I a member of both sports teams and clubs, but I was also given a leadership position for the clubs I was a part of. I used to just attend club meetings for an hour a week and call it a day. But now, I had to plan the meetings and do more work than I ever had to before. Doing all of this extra work, in addition to being on two sports teams and keeping up with my academics, was not so easy.


Manage your time
Now that I look back on it, I should have made a weekly schedule and learned more about how to prioritize my time. When you do, you better understand the concept of time management. The benefit of learning about this concept early is that it will be useful even once you graduate from high school. I use this skill in college every single day and always apply it in my daily life.


So when you receive your agendas on the first day of school, write “TIME MANAGEMENT,” and make sure it is always visible. It may sound crazy now, but you’ll soon appreciate that you did this.

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Marisa Berti

Marisa Berti

Assumption College, Worcester, Mass.
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