Wacky scholarships Spring 2013

By Sharon Hodge on June 20, 2013
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What’s this? Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest Scholarship
If you’ve got a great duck call and need a scholarship, get to Stuttgart, Ark., in late November. Participants in their annual duck calling contest compete for a total of $4,250 in scholarship money.
How much? $2,000 for first place, $1,000 second, $750 third, $500 fourth
Who can enter? High school seniors
When’s it due? See site for 2013 date, still to be determined
Find out more! http://bit.ly/TKXeip

What’s this? Diabetes Scholars Foundation
Are you successfully managing the challenges of living with diabetes? These scholarship recognize students who are involved in the diabetes community, have high academic performance and participate in community and/or extra-curricular activities.
How much? 39 awards at $5,000, 1 at $4,000, 6 at $1,000
Who is eligible? U.S. citizen or permanent resident high school seniors with Type 1 diabetes seeking higher education at an accredited four-year university, college, technical or trade school.
When’s it due? May 15
Find out more! http://bit.ly/Ybi2gC

What's this? Play! Pokemon championship series events feature scholarship awards for top finishers. Scholarships are awarded at Regional Championships, National Championships, and the World Championships each year.
How much? Varies with the tournament level, but prizes for the 2013 National Championship in Indianapolis include a $5,000 scholarship for 1st place, $3,000 for 2nd, $1,500 for 3rd and 4th.
Who can enter? Play! Pokemon events are divided into three age divisions, Junior (born in 2002 or later), Senior (born 1998-2001) and Masters (born 1997 or earlier). Competitors in good standing are welcome to compete in championship series events.
When is due? Based on dates of the regional and world championships
Where can I find more? http://bit.ly/Vi8xtC

What's this? Natural Redhead Scholarship
A scholarship for redheads had long been an urban legend until a natural redhead got fed up with the false promise and decided to actually start one. How much? $250
Who can enter? Natural redheads who reside in the United States, are a junior or senior in high school, have a GPA above 2.5, and are applying to an accredited two- or four-year college.
When is due? May 1, 2013
Where can I find more? http://bit.ly/UwDxZr

What's this? Bowling scholarship
Thought football and basketball were the only sports where you could gain a scholarship? The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) awards more than $6 million dollars of scholarships each season.
How much? Varies with each scholarship, but some are in the thousands of dollars.
Who can enter? Students who participate in United States Bowling Congress (USBC).
When is due? Varies by scholarship – The USBC website publishes information about the many national bowing scholarship programs.
Where can I find more? http://bit.ly/X7e7QN

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