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By Jordan Sweigart on September 13, 2013
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Throughout the past six months, my perspective on my life plan has shifted ever so slightly. I’ve entertained new ideas to advance myself financially and spiritually to become a more well-rounded person.

Change truly frustrates me but, for better or worse, life depends on the experiences we have and how we react to them. Some of my successes and failures inside and outside of the classroom altered my ambitions and the path that I am on, but for the most part, I feel that I remain focused on my original goal.

Many of my classes in college so far have required numerous papers and essays and, as strange as it sounds, I enjoy writing to the point that I might take it on as a hobby. Not to take away from my future goal to become an accountant, I will attempt to write a novel on the side just to see where it takes me. Regardless of the outcome, I will learn by adding to my life experiences and being able to say that I attempted something people do not normally do.

In a sense, being my own manager and advertiser will allow me to continue my career goal by being business-oriented. However ambitious I feel about this, I need more writing experience -- and even more importantly, life experience -- before I can begin.

Growing as a person

Recently, I received news of my housing placement for next year. After all my hard work and, to my utter disappointment, situations beyond my control prevented me from getting what I wanted. Since I am a very passionate person, I took this extremely hard and instantly developed a negative mindset to the world around me.

In order to be open to new experiences, I must readjust and become a more positive person. By realizing this negativity flaw, I should hopefully become a more confident and outgoing person, which in turn will enable me to accomplish more and succeed in my activities.

Thanks to the various clubs that I have joined, I’ve realized that my passion is numbers and I want to continue my plan of pursuing a career in accounting, my current major. I simply enjoy working with numbers, and prefer them to any other type of work.

Even though many students change their minds on their major after a couple of months at school, I have stayed dead-set on mine. Therefore, I feel my original choice is still the right choice, and I plan on pursuing it until my dream to be an accountant becomes a reality.

The various issues I’ve faced in the past six months have only made me a stronger person and, if anything, more ambitious. Some of the interests I have developed this year may result in future hobbies. Some of the corrections I made to my outlook on life will hopefully help me grow.


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About the Author

Jordan Sweigart

Jordan Sweigart

Worcester College, University of Oxford, England
Hometown: Reading, PA

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