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By Megan Lynch on September 13, 2013
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Looking back over the past academic year, I cannot believe how much I have changed as a person. I thought I had everything figured out in high school, and I had a pretty concrete image of what college would be like. Little did I know that life would change and surprise me with something new every day.

I came to school thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to major in and the exact outcome of my future. I thought I had enough friends from high school, and that I’d meet a few people but not get too close.

I was positive that I was going to love living in dorms and would love the independence of being away from home. Some of these things still ring true, but boy was I off on others.

Relationship changes

My first major revelation would be the relationships I made and the few I unfortunately lost. It’s very easy to be best friends with someone you see every day in the hallways and in class, but when you take away that ease, you realize the work it takes to keep up a relationship.

I started seeing the friends I used to spend seven hours a day with only once or twice a week. I realized that I had lost the best friend that I thought I needed to survive.

While this was occurring, I was making a new friend every hour in every class and lecture I attended. I met neighbors in my residence hall and random people in the cafeterias. There was a new face and a new potential friend everywhere I looked.

My Facebook friend amount went from 250 to 400 in the first two weeks of school. I started becoming close with an entire new crowd and it felt amazing. That’s my favorite part of college: the amount of potential friendships and relationships.

College isn’t easy

My second revelation should have been expected, but I was still a little overwhelmed -- college courses are not easy like high school electives. I had to work my tail off all semester!

Professors don’t care if you come to class or not; they will be there teaching even if only two students show up. Professors are not going to check and see if you completed the homework; they just expect you to do well on the exams.

It takes self motivation and responsibility to be successful in college. Your grade depends on the work you put into it.

Don’t forget that you pay for college, too. It’s not like high school where you can fail a class and retake it easily. Money is very valuable, spoken from a poor college kid.

The biggest lesson I have learned is to keep dreaming. From what I’ve experienced, life changes quickly and it flies by. Pursue your dreams and don’t take no for an answer.

There will always be people entering and leaving your life, but be sure to not let the right ones slip away. Don’t forget to actually learn something too!

College is a place to define yourself. You can study hard and do well, or float by not making a difference. It’s a fresh start to the rest of your life.


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