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By Rachel Dybicki on September 13, 2013
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This year so far has been a full on learning experience for me.

Coming to Central Michigan University, I was unsure about what I wanted to pursue. I thought it would be fun to go into the broadcasting and journalism fields, but as I started to continue classes, I realized it was fun but something I didn’t want to make a life-long career. Both of those are my hobbies -- and don’t get me wrong they could make wonderful careers for someone out there -- but I knew it wasn’t my calling.

I love being involved with any leadership or volunteer events, and I recently went on an alternative break through CMU’s volunteer center to Greenville, S.C. My team and I got to work closely with a group of girls in a school setting.

Figuring out what the girls liked or what they were excited to learn about instantly improved my mood. During this one week there was nothing else I would rather be doing.

Finding my passion

This made me think for awhile, and it finally dawned on me that I need to set my career around something I love. Human service is one thing I have always loved.

I love interacting, helping and teaching children. As of right now, I’m enrolled in a few education and human service courses such as the introduction to teaching, American Sign Language, communication disorders and human development.

It’s always important to pursue something you can see yourself doing and absolutely loving. It’s not always about the money, and that took me awhile to understand.

I know I won’t be walking around with bags of money as a possible future teacher, but I know I’ll love what I’m doing. Whether your niche is constant human interaction, or the complete opposite, do what you love.

Don’t room with your best friend

School is also the balance between work, classes, friends and family. One piece of advice I can share is to not live with your best friend.

College is a new experience and is meant for you to meet new people and to network with a variety of new acquaintances. People grow and change, sometimes for the better or worse.

I roomed with my best friend from high school, and we currently don’t even speak. She made decisions I didn’t necessarily agree with, so I moved to the hall next door.

It was hard to admit it was time to leave and move on, but there are certain things I choose not to be associated with. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you; it may seem selfish, but trust me, so many different doors will open when you make responsible choices.

I had a friend who helped me through so much during the few months everything started going downhill. When I needed someone to talk to or just someone to hang out with, he was constantly there.

He became my best friend, and he’s now my boyfriend. As cliche as it sounds, I probably couldn’t have worked through the roommate issues or any various school issues without him.

Since last August, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned that when I need to step up to the plate, I can accomplish anything.

I’m a lot more responsible than I thought, and I have the power to help people better themselves. I have complete control of everything I do, and I need to make sure I’m using that control to my full potential.


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