With age comes a push toward reality

By Alyssa McComb on March 04, 2014
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It’s hard when a new year catches up on you, and you take a moment to reflect what the past school year held. For me, this school year gave me so many opportunities to grow and become an experienced person. And although I like to make every day a learning opportunity, there are some things that you just need to experience to learn from them.

The start of the school year in particular was full of educational moments for me. I learned how heavily decisions weigh on a large part of your life. One bad relationship, be it friend or romantic, can affect your school performance or your health. For me, it was my schooling.

Small choice, big consequences

This school year I had to remove myself from my dream school and relocate to a different college because of one small choice I made. I learned the importance and value of decision making, and the value of myself. It may seem daunting, but even when you’re young, choices have a large impact on your life. It’s crucial to remember this and to keep in the back of your head while going through these tough young-adult years. Although we may have trouble making the best decisions for ourselves, we need to make sure we’re learning from them.

With the change from a small private college to a large university came many learning points. I found that there are so many people in this world, all unique and with something to offer. The University of Central Florida is the second largest university in America, and with that size come so many valuable lessons.  

Adults need help sometimes

Probably the most valuable of them was that you’re never too old to ask for help. I cannot tell you how many times I got lost on my way to class and shied away from asking for directions, or how many standard questions I hesitated to ask that were necessary.

I did find my inner voice, and when I asked it was painless and beyond beneficial. I think it’s easy to just grow up and think that you don’t need help or advice on a day-to-day level. However, needing a little assistance is natural, and the truth is that most other people need help too. So if you ask when you’re unsure, they automatically feel comfortable and relieved that you took the initiative by saying “Hey, I’m adult and I need help and that’s OK.”

To put it all in a lovely package: Always remind yourself of what’s most important before making any decisions, and don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help. College is just a smaller, more specific, version of the world, and we’re all just people trying to figure everything out. It’s easy to get lost in the hazy cloud of self-reliance, but reality is outside and knocking -- lest we ever need a checkup.

My plans for the summer: I plan on taking up an internship in the journalism field. Ideally, it would be with a small

magazine publishing company close to my school. Along with that, I will continue working my part-time job and using my days off to hike and camp with friends. I want to achieve a healthy balance of relaxing, work and career this summer.

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