Working on Big Goals, Big Decisions - and Big Fun

By Jalen Brown on June 06, 2013
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Going into my senior year, I know that the year will be filled with a ton of work, lots of stress, and of course, senior year FUN! I am really looking forward to this upcoming school year. I’ve heard a lot about the big decisions I will have to make and how stressful and complicated the transition from high school to college may be.

I want to do really well in school. I’ll be fighting against senioritis as much as possible. This being my last year in high school, I really want to make a big lasting impression. I want to see my brand-new school utilized to its full potential as well. I want to get great college offers. I want to have a successful prom and other senior activities. Lastly, I want to further and challenge my education and school involvement. I want to leave high school with the staff saying, “What do we do now without Jalen?”

So how will I be able to accomplish these things?

Time and organization are key
To ensure that I hit the majority, if not all of my goals, I know I will have to be better with time management. That means being on time to school and turning in papers on time. Another step deals with organization. I still leave homework on the kitchen table or forget to print the agenda for Class Officer and Representative meetings.

Writing myself a little note will keep me more on track and orderly. And I will have to start getting more sleep. When I don’t get enough rest, I do not perform to the best of my ability. This will get in the way of my test scores, my attitude, and my interactions with the people around me. Study skills are another issue. I’m so used to just “getting it,” but now that I am preparing for college, I will be more independent and will have to really buckle down.

Up for an adventure
Speaking of college, I think I’m ready for the adventure. I want to find the perfect school for me, both socially and academically. I know that it’s important to find my “best fit” college because I will have to live there for at least four years. I want to find a school that offers my major(s), has the clubs I’m interested in, and has a good selection of food.

College used to be something I only dreamed about, but around this time next year I’ll be in college. I know that I’m going to miss my family and friends abundantly, so I will use this year to maximize the time I spend with them.

But taking one step at a time, finishing high school is my first priority. I’m going to do what it takes to succeed, and get the most out of my senior year.

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