You’ll make mistakes, but you are not alone

By Jenna Hubaishy on August 28, 2013
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Four years ago, I walked into my high school for the first time. Throughout those years I was faced with choices, decisions and events that I will remember forever. Now, after working hard through those four years I’m back where I started, freshman year. As I face surviving college, I can look back at the choices I made in high school and hopefully learn from them.


Learning from poor choices is very important. However, making good choices is even more imperative. Almost every decision you make in high school will impact your future in some way. Many teens get so caught up in surviving socially and academically that they forget that the best years could be ahead of them if they slow down and think about how to make the most of every aspect of high school with their good choices.           


Learn to ask for help
When I was in high school I wish I would have known the importance of asking for help. During my senior year, I decided to take AP Calculus. At the beginning of the year I was really intimidated by the teacher but after I started going in for help every day after school I found out that he is actually a really nice guy who wanted to see me succeed just like any other teacher.


Not only did I start to do better in the class but I learned to not be so intimidated by my teachers. Learn to develop relationships with teachers and guidance counselors because getting comfortable with talking to teachers will help a lot in college.


The first day of school always causes some anxiety. When facing the year ahead it’s important to remember that each year is different, so come prepared but don’t have too many expectations. Meaning, if you had a bad year last year that doesn’t mean it has to continue, just have confidence and things will get better. If you had a good year, then reflect on what made it good and focus on ways to improve it. A good way to decrease nervousness about the year ahead is to stay busy. You can do this by joining a club or playing a sport or volunteering.


Nervous? You are not alone
Life after high school is different than anything you’ve ever experienced. Even though it’s not the same for everyone, there are still general things to remember in order to prepare for life after high school. Planning for your future can seem overwhelming and stressful, especially when you are in your first years of high school.


If you are feeling nervous, just keep in mind that you are not alone. This is where your high school counselor, parents/guardians, and other trusted adults can help. Talk to your counselor about your interests and what direction you want your life to go in and he/she will be happy to assist you in organizing a plan.


Yes, you’ll make mistakes
Mistakes are inevitable. Odds are, you’ll probably make more than one mistake during your time in high school. Don’t worry too much about making mistakes because they do happen, but it’s important to be aware of common problems that many high school students encounter.


One I made was not playing a sport. I was always involved in clubs and volunteering but never sports. Not only do colleges and universities like seeing applicants who play sports, but being involved in a sport is a great way to stay active and meet people.


As I look forward, I see myself as a college student, walking to my on-campus job from my last class of the day. As I look back I see all the memories of high school that I’m hoping will be even better in college. Your choices will impact your future no matter what, so make the most of your time in high school because if you do well then life only gets better from there.

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