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  • What I’ve Learned This Year - Jordan

    What I’ve Learned This Year - Jordan

    Throughout the past six months, my perspective on my life plan has shifted ever so slightly. I’ve entertained new ideas to advance myself financially and spiritually to become a more well-rounded person.

    by Jordan Sweigart
    Posted September 13, 2013
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  • Celebrate What Was, Focus on What is, and Get Prepared for What is to Come

    Celebrate What Was, Focus on What is, and Get Prepared for What is to Come

    This year, my senior year of high school, is going to bring forth many opportunities and blessings that I am looking forward to. Many great things have happened in my high school career already, but this is the year to put all of the things I have learned, seen and experienced together to produce a final result.

    So what goals should I have? What can this year give me? Basically, I am looking forward to molding myself into the best person I can be.

    by Jordan Harper
    Posted September 07, 2013
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  • Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

    Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

    Hi! My name is Annmarie Stewart, and I go to Black Hawk High School in the little town of South Wayne, Wisconsin. However I was born in Skokie, Illinois.

    I moved here when I was three and I’ve lived here ever since. When I was in middle school, I heard about many good times in high school from my older siblings and it’s exciting now that I, too, am in high school!

    I’m most excited about driving, volunteering at concession stands to raise money for prom, new class experiences and subjects in school. However, I’m not without fear.

    by Annmarie Stewart
    Posted September 07, 2013
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  • Preparing for a New Life

    Preparing for a New Life

    I am Rodneshia Bridges, a 17-year-old upcoming senior at Westover Comprehensive High School in Albany, Ga. I also have been working at a local McDonalds since my tenth grade year.

    I’m excited to say that this will be my last year in high school, and I’ll be starting a new life in college, leaving the past behind. So far my first couple of senior days were great, but my class work has gotten a little harder, I must say.

    Rodneshia Bridges
    Posted September 07, 2013
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  • Tuition Reciprocity

    Tuition Reciprocity

    When Liz Bronfman decided to major in architectural engineering, she thought she had to go far from home to do it. After high school, she headed halfway across the country to Boston University since no schools in her home state of Missouri offered the program.

    After a year and a half at BU, Liz was homesick for the Midwest and nervous about the large amount of student loans she was accumulating to pay for private, out-of-state school. She wished she could go to school closer to her family, but didn’t want to change her major.

    That’s when Liz discovered the Midwest Student Exchange Program, a tuition reciprocity program that allows students from Missouri to attend school in Kansas, but pay the same tuition as an in-state student. She looked at schools offering architectural engineering and found Kansas State. She was sold. That spring she transferred and, four years later, graduated from one of the best architectural engineering programs in the country.

    by Taylor Engler
    Posted September 07, 2013
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  • Seize the Opportunity to Meet New People

    Seize the Opportunity to Meet New People

    If one will pardon the cliche, the first few weeks of college constitute a tremendous window of opportunity, an ever-so-brief time span that can very easily define what one does with the next two or four years of his or her life, and maybe more.

    Gone are the needless cliques and the pointless reputations that influenced the ways others saw you, and perhaps the way you saw yourself. This is your moment to uncap a brand new marker and write the newest and finest chapter of your life to date.

    by John Bernstein
    Posted September 07, 2013
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  • Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship

    Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship

    The Gallery Collection seeks your photo, artwork or computer graphic for use on the front of a…

    by Sharon Hodge
    Posted September 06, 2013
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  • Klingon Language Institute Kor Memorial Scholarship

    Klingon Language Institute Kor Memorial Scholarship

    There is actually a Klingon Language Institute, and yes, they do fund an annual financial award…

    by Sharon Hodge
    Posted September 06, 2013
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  • Reflecting on my Path

    Reflecting on my Path

    Sometimes I wake up, and I think, “Thank you God for blessing me to be here.”

    I am so very happy to be a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school located in West Philadelphia. Penn is such an amazing place. I am surrounded by so much intellectual vitality, wisdom and resources to help me change the world. I did not know I would be this happy here, but it has been a very pleasant surprise.

    by Jelani Hayes
    Posted September 02, 2013
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  • On the Right Path

    On the Right Path

    The fall of one’s senior year is a crucial, confusing time period. It seems as if everyone and their mother has a plan for what they want to do with the rest of their lives, a game plan for what it’s going to take to set themselves up for these opportunities and a substantial drive in even the most unmotivated students to enact that game plan.

    Many have been getting involved in their future fields for years Ñ making connections, gaining experience. They’re all ready to take the plunge in either the collegiate or working world. Everyone, that is it seems, except for you.

    by John Bernstein
    Posted September 02, 2013
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